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I love music (you name it, I love it! More Bruno Mars at the moment <3) {{ IT'S FINALLY HERE!! }} I will be posting small chapters of what many people, like myself, love are fanfics featuring Bruno Mars! Please keep an eye out for the links! Thanks for visiting my page, I hope you enjoy!


“He said, yo man, I got this kid, he’s really talented, and brought me in. Immediately, I knew that there was something special.”



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Bruno Mars is not black.

Racially, he might be Black. Many Puerto Ricans are a mixture of White and Black

Actually they are more Latino. Like Spaniard.


(July 29) Fans meeting Bruno in Las Vegas

Why is a Las Vegas mall empty though? Lol That’s cool though! Meeting Bruno without having 1000 other fans jumping in your way to shake his hand. Jessica looked like she didn’t care.. As usual.

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Guys we’re here today, another show, another city. Don’t forget these people have been waiting in line all day to see a show tonight and let’s give it to em’. Let’s connect like a band, everybody watch each other. Guys.. I love you all, let’s do what we only know how to do and that is music. Amen.”

- Bruno Mars talking to his hooligans

Amen! <3

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Bruno Mars performing Gorilla at the iHeart Radio Music Festival 2013


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He loves doing this to us.. Look at that face! That is the face of satisfaction. He has us where he wants us…. and I am not leaving.

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