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I love music (you name it, I love it! More Bruno Mars at the moment <3) {{ IT'S FINALLY HERE!! }} I will be posting small chapters of what many people, like myself, love are fanfics featuring Bruno Mars! Please keep an eye out for the links! Thanks for visiting my page, I hope you enjoy!


"Touracao (Facebook post): A “HOT” Curacao Night”

Great photos!

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 perfect *-* <3 

Holy shit! That was awesome!!! 


Guess whose birthday is in exactly 2 weeks :D

I wish I was 17 again. 25 September 14 right here :)


rbuetzer: Another #workperk #BrunoMars performed at the dealer meeting. #freeconcert #worklife #vegas

Okay so my first Bruno Mars concert was at Auburn Hills, Michigan this year June 18th… In the past I have only ever gone to Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock and Metal concerts… So his concert was SO different from what I’m use to… Although the performance was AMAZING, I was disappointed in the amount of energy and I see it a lot in these videos.. People just standing there watching Bruno perform like its whatever.. Dude you paid a lot of money to watch him sing and dance for you… Dance and sing your ass off with him!!! I left his concert just as sweaty and with a huge smile on my face. Shit, I don’t make a whole lot of money, so paying the amount of money I did for his show, I’m making the best of it. Show Bruno Mars how much you really care! Dance with him damnit! 

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Bruno Mars + social medias/websites (insp)

This is really cool!

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